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News: Youth Basketball Picture Day Info

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Reminder that Saturday is Picture Day!
Things to know:
1.  PRE-ORDER THE PHOTOS YOU WANT!  This will help with the efficiency of the day!  Please look at the link below...there will be order forms there as well.
2.  Look at the times below - these are NOT your normal times, please be prepared at the school by the time listed below:
8:45 - Kindergarten
9:00 - 1st Grade
9:45 - 2nd Grade
10:15 - 3/4 Grade Boys
11:00 - 3/4 Grade Girls
3.  There will be gym space and baskets available to shoot around following your picture time.  We will not have our regular clinic with the volunteer coaches but you are welcome to use the hoops that we have to shoot around and get a little more basketball in for the season!
Thank you,
Coach Zullo