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  • Iron Horse Boulevard Playground: Beginning on Thursday, September 14, the playground at Iron Horse Boulevard will be closed until further notice for equipment and surfacing renovations.  All other playgrounds in town parks will remain open during this time.
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  • Reasons to Register Early! Many classes are very popular and people know that in order to get a spot, they need to register early. But there are also reasons to register early for classes that don’t usually fill up. All of our classes are self supporting and we must reach minimum enrollment for a class to run. There is a point (usually about 2-3 days before the program is due to start) that a program must be canceled if there aren’t enough people registered. Very often people look to register after the program has been canceled, and if the registrations were done earlier, in many cases, the program would have run. So, if you know you want to take a class, please register early.

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