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Simsbury Culture, Parks and Recreation Department


Adult Coed Softball
Coed Softball
Contact: Bruce Althen
Phone: 860-243-9685
Email: execflr@aol.com

Adult Men's Softball League
Simsbury Men's Softball League
Contact: Stephen Chykirda
Phone: 860-651-6959
Email: schykirda@comcast.net

Youth Football
Simsbury Trojans
Contact: Kate Bruno; brunos18@comcast.net
Steve Garrity; 860-250-9179; steven.garrity@garrityasphalt.com
Simsbury, CT 06070
Web Site: http://www.simsburyyouthfootball.com

Youth Ice Hockey
Simsbury Youth Hockey Association (SYHA)
Contact: Registration is done online on their website
Web Site: http://www.simsburyhockey.com

Youth Lacrosse
Simsbury Youth Lacrosse
Jen Schulz; 860-651-3123; 860-819-4564; jenschulz3@yahoo.com
Simsbury, CT 06070
Web Site: http://www.simslax.org

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